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We Repair Curb Checked Rims, Scraped Wheels, Peeling Paint, or Clear Coat problems.
Dallas TX curb rash Wheel Repair
We Fix Curb Damaged Wheels with Wheel Rash.

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Over 65,000 Wheels Repaired:

On location by trained service technicians. All of the repairs costing far less money than a wheel replacement. In Dallas Texas our crews are out everyday taking care of our clients damaged wheels. In Tulsa OK, we are training more and more people to meet the growing demand for our curb rash service. (You can join our ranks, We will welcome and train you: see below).

Curb Rash [kerb rash] :
verb: To scrape your rims on the curb when parking.
These scars mark you as an urban driver. It only takes a bit of snow, a dark night and a tight turn, or someone else driving your car and the damage is done.

Curb Rash is the name to remember when you have an aluminum alloy automobile wheel that needs rim repair, refinishing, straightening, or powder coating.

Dallas TX curb rash Wheel Repair

You paid a lot of money for your Rims. You chose them yourself for the look of your car. They make a statement and you always smile when you see them. Yet let's face it, if they are marred and scraped it changes everything and still makes a statement; one that would make you wince. Automotive dealers, tire stores and body shops recommend Curb Rash by name to repair your damaged rims. The next time your wheels need repair call the wheel rash repair professionals at Curb Rash. Click your city above and find out little it costs to get your wheels soinning true.

Proudly restoring wheels in the Tulsa, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Duluth, Davenport Iowa, Springfield, Joplin, Plano and McKinney areas.

Dallas TX curb rash Wheel Repair
These were in Dallas TX

Dallas TX curb rash Wheel Repair
These were in Tulsa Oklahoma

Dallas TX curb rash Wheel Repair
These were in Kansas City, Missouri

Tulsa OK curb rash Wheel Repair
These were in Dallas TX
Exact Color Match on all Wheel Repairs


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Dallas TX curb rash Wheel Repair

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